Our Working Process

Transforming Natural Beauty From Quarry To Your Door Steps.

Having comprehensive knowledge of all the stages of production right from blocks being extracted in quarries, their dressing, processing and finishing to being loaded in the container; we live up to your expectations.

Step 1
Mining / Sourcing

Raw blocks are cut from mines using specialised cutting equipment, such as a diamond blade or a diamond wire saw.

Our expert team selects the most superior blocks from quarry for export purpose.

Raw blocks are properly cleansed and dressed from all sides to rip off all the impurities and to make the surface of the blocks plane and defect-free.

Step 2
Sawing the Block

Before cutting the block is reinforced with fibre glass net and a semi solid reinforcement product to avoid breakage of slab during sawing.

Block is shifted and fixed on the Gangsaw trolley and taken through the slab cutting process in our factory where have installed the most advanced gangsaw & cutters.

Small size blocks are processed by simple Cutter and medium and large blocks are processed by GangSaw to obtain standard 2-cm thick one-side-polished slabs.

Step 3
Polishing the Slab

After applying perfect blend of Epoxy Resin and dried up at optimum temperatures, a final glossy touch is given to our refined slabs through our automated 20 head line polish machine.

It gives an unparalleled and crystal glow on the slab which is 30 % more than the conventional.

Step 4
Quality check & Inspection

Our Natural Stones go under strict quality test based on:

  • Precise Cutting
  • finest Finish and Edging
  • Smooth Polish
  • Slab Size, Thickness, Flatness and Right angle control
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Premium Packaging
  • Zero breakage delivery
Step 5

We follow the certified process & norms specified by IPPC.

1. Blocks' Packing-
Blocks are kept on strong & suitable fumigated wooden bars in container and wire rope lashing is done to avoid movement.

2. Slabs Packing-
Large Slabs are packed in fumigated wooden bundles/crates. All wooden bundles are tightly and correctly fastened/chocked between each other and nailed down to the floor of the container so that the bundles can not shift during transit.

A thin plastic sheet is inserted between polished surface of each slab to keep them safe from scratches occurred
due to friction between the two slabs.

3. Tiles Packing-
ISPM-15 standard fumigated wooden crates are inlined with polyethylene sheet from inside followed by a layer of 8/4 mm thick foam sheet to protect tiles from staining and scratching from wooden or nails.
Tiles are then packed tightly after putting a soft paper between two tiles to avoid friction during the transit. 
Further, wooden crates is covered with polyethylene sheet and tightened with iron/plastic strip.

Inside the container the wooden crates are tightly fastened with each other so that the crates do not move during transit.

Our wooden crates are always fumigated using Methyl Bromide as per ISPM-15 International Standards in order to prevent the infection in wooden packing material.

Step 6
Delivery of the Goods

We do shipments on ExWork, FOB, C&F, CIF and sometimes on DDP and DDU also with payment term T/T & L/C as per the buyers’ convenient.

  •  Effective transportation and shipping system
  • Best possible ocean freight
  • Timely Delivery
  • Tracking of production and delivery at every stage
  • Constant Team Connect
Step 7
Post-shipment Service

By maintaining open lines of communication and offering prompt after-sales service, we strives to exceed customer expectations at every stage of the buying process.

Our diligent customer care department works in coordination to ensure a hassle-free experience in the guarantee of satisfaction at every stage.

The company also offers value added assistance like providing product knowledge, customized new products and packing, marketing tools, promotional samples and continued technical support to its clients.